Dutch Premiere of The African Storm at Afrolijk

Afrolijk will host the exclusive Dutch premiere of the critically acclaimed feature film The African Storm (L'Orage Africain, 2017, 89 min.) by the Beninse director Sylvestre Amoussouat at Rialto Amsterdam on Friday 1 June at 9:15 pm. The screening will be followed by drinks in the lobby of Rialto and Afrolijk's DJ sets Joss-Flo Selecting.

This premiere is the official pre-announcement of World Cinema Amsterdam, the annual film festival for world cinema that will be held this year in August at Rialto.

Date: Friday 1 June
Time: 09.15 pm to 01.00 am| start film: 9.15 pm | start drinks: 11.00 pm
Venue: Rialto (Ceintuurbaan 338, 1072 GN Amsterdam)
Tickets: €11 (online via bit.ly/afrolijk-the-african-storm or at Rialto's box office. If there are still tickets available to purchase on the day of the event, you may purchase them at the Rialto's box office (discount for stadspas, CJP and students, cjp'ers en studenten; Cineville valid at Rialto's box office on the day of the event).

Click here to view Afrolijk's event for this premiere on their own website and learn more about the movie (Dutch).

Click here to view Afrolijk's facebook event for this premiere and learn more about the movie.

Click here to learn more about the movie on Rialto's website (Dutch).

Afrolijk, meaning ‘Afrojoy’, is a joyful night out for the African and Afro-minded community in the Netherlands with film, music, food and art from Africa and the Afro world. Africa stands of course for Africa, but also for diversity, creativity and solidarity, and that all urban and funky, and both upbeat and laid-back. Afrolijk is a collaboration between Caribbean Creativity, Dudes in your Face and Afrolosjes.

ZAM Reporter