1. Photo from when Kathrada was in a hospital in Joburg, Eyewitness news. Photographer unknown.

    The dream that lives at a funeral

    Chronicle #28 / By Evelyn Groenink

    No one would have thought that it would be Kgalema Motlanthe, -decent, non-descript, perhaps even boring, former South African president Kgalema Motlanthe-, who would issue the call to arms for South Africans to get rid of Jacob Zuma’s mafia state.


  1. Copyright: Africadelic

    ZAM at Africadelic 2017

    Events / By ZAM Reporter

    What better way to celebrate Africa Day than by enjoying some of the coolest tunes the continent has to offer and get updated about the latest on arts and society. All at once. That's what Africadelic is about.


  2. Architect Kunlé Adeyemi in early 2013 in front of the Floating School under construction. Credits: Femke van Zeijl

    The rise and fall of the Floating School

    Chronicle #26 / By Femke van Zeijl

    The triangular floating structure was a beacon on the Lagos Lagoon. But after the Floating School collapsed, many questions remained unanswered. Was the building project on the Lagos Lagoon really the success it claimed to be?


  3. Cover of the photo book South Africa at Liberty.

    New photo book by Yasser Booley

    Blog / By ZAM Reporter

    ZAM latest Photo Editions covers the work of Capetonian photographer Yasser Booley. This is a result of the collaboration between ZAM, the photographer, his curator Joan Legalamitlwa and Africalia. The visuals are chosen from Booley's recently published collection, South Africa at Liberty, an Africalia edition.


  4. Nigeria | Driving on the Right Side

    Nigeria | Driving on the Right Side

    Chronicle #20 / By Pieter van der Houwen

    In an act of defiance, Nigerians decided not to drive on the left side any longer. British colonialism was history.