1. Image: covers of theoriginal French, Dutch and English edition

    Review | Little hot pepper

    Blog / By Christina Månsson

    In Alain Mabanckhou's novel Black Moses the memories of life in an orphanage represent todays' uproar.


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    The plunder route to Panama

    Chronicle #32 / By Maxime Domegni, Eric Mwamba, Francis Mbala, Estacio Valoi, Lawrence Seretse, Evelyn Groenink, and Correspondent Rwanda and Burundi

    How African oligarchs steal from their countries.


  3. PR-ing the Guptas

    PR-ing the Guptas

    Uncle Tom / By Uncle Tom

    My old ANC-buddies and I still fondly remember those days at Bra Boet’s bottlestore in Khayelitsha, when we used to sit there on the stoep pretending to be drunks –granted, we also did drink, just a little-, whilst plotting to collect some guns and grenades from Botswana to fight the Boers with. The contact has watered down over the past twenty-five years or so. But I took a plane just to hear, directly, from comrades what the witblits is going on there? Some nouveau-riche family from India called Guptas are big buddies with the President? They apparently have old Msholozi in their pockets.


  4. Image: Coen Stork visiting Chief Albert Luthuli in Natal, South Africa.

    Cables of courage

    Blog / By ZAM Reporter

    The reports of Dutch former diplomat Coen Stork (1928 – 2017) of the 1964 Rivonia Trial challenged misconceptions about South African freedom fighters.


  5. Image: Installation by Belgian artists Vesna Faassen & Lukas Verdijkat at KUUMBA, Vlaams – Afrikaans Huis (House of Flanders and Africa) in Brussels.

    When We Speak About Colonisation

    Events / By ZAM Reporter

    Perspectives by DRC intellectuals on the subjugation of their country are at the centre of an exhibition and a book in Belgium.


  6. Photo: Nelson Mandela Capture Site by Flickr/Maureen Barlin (CC BY-NC-ND 2.0)

    Three South African artists – Usha Seejarim, Lawrence Lemanoana and Hannelie Coetzee – have been nominated for the creation of a monument honouring Nelson Mandela in Ghent, Belgium.


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    Nine Pieces of Desire

    Chronicle #33 / By Idza L

    This is an excerpt from Queer Africa 2: New Stories published by MaThoko Publishers, Johannesburg. The book presents 26 fiction and non-fictions stories by writers from seven African countries. Nine Pieces of Desires is written by Idza L, a Kenyan writer who is interested in writing stories about women and the lives they live.