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The plunder route to Panama

Chronicle #32 / By Maxime Domegni, Eric Mwamba, Francis Mbala, Estacio Valoi, Lawrence Seretse, Evelyn Groenink, and Correspondent Rwanda and Burundi

How African oligarchs steal from their countries.


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    Mozambique | In the care of Pastor Roy

    Chronicle #35 / By Estacio Valoi and Evelyn Groenink/ZAM

    How an African government and international institutions turned a blind eye to thirty years of sexual abuse at a Christian Mission.


  2. Apartheid Revisited Released

    Apartheid Revisited Released

    Blog / By ZAM Reporter

    This interactive web application explores the whereabouts of white oppression in South Africa, its European/Dutch roots and the relevance of an 'old' story for today.


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    Essay | Hidden Walls & How To Climb Them

    Chronicle #35 / By Ayo Adene

    If economic results are viewed from the secure bubble of the privileged, everything seems fine. This is why data should be disaggregated.


  1. Image: cartoon by Nsé Ramón Esono Ebalé of President Obiang of Equatorial Guinee

    Cartoonists Ramón Esono Ebalé (Equitorial Guinea), Paul Bogaert (The Netherlands), Stacey Stent (South Africa) and Jonathan Shapiro (Zapiro, South Africa) take part in an exhibition in Haarlem, the Netherlands.


  2. From Sharpeville to Gaza

    Arena / By Bart Luirink

    According to Kallie Kriel ‘Apartheid was not a crime against humanity.’