25 – 28.10.2018, Lagos | Aké Arts & Books Festival with Nuruddin Farah

In a departure from previous years, the sixth edition of Aké Arts & Books Festival will take place in Lagos at Radisson Blu Hotel from 25 until 28 October, 2018. This year’s theme is Fantastical Futures and events and conversations will focus largely on a re-imagined African future, whilst exploring the exciting wave of Afrofuturism across the continent.

The festival, headed by writer Lola Shoneyin, will feature 8 book chats with 16 authors from the continent, 4 art exhibitions, 1 stage play, 1 in-depth-interview with Nuruddin Farah, school visits and panel discussions. There will be documentary and film screening, a poetry performance and thrilling music concerts with international acts. And there is more.

If you are around, don’t miss it. If you need to travel a bit, know that Lagos Photo will run at the same time!

More information here.

ZAM Reporter