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The presentation of the plunder route to Panama in pictures

Skyping with John-Allan Namu from partner Africa Uncensored. Photo: Jan Meijer

Exactly one week ago a hard-hitting investigation into the plunder of state resources by African oligarchs was launched at ZAM headquarters in Amsterdam.

ZAM’s investigative editor Evelyn Groenink, who coordinated and edited the work, reported the findings to a crowd of about fifty people. Kenyan Africa Uncensored partner John-Allan Namu provided some of the highlights of the investigation via Skype. A representative from the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs attended the event and joined the discussion about the value African investigative journalism - and what African expert networks more generally - can bring to international foreign policy.

The launch of the report in pictures. Photos by Jan Meijer and Laurens Nijzink.

The report (PDF) shows in detail how crooked political rulers on the African continent operate and provides ammunition for the many, on the continent and worldwide, who fight for good governance.

We at ZAM supported our colleagues in the African Investigative Publishing Collective (AIPC) with this project, providing a safe editing space and international marketing as well as administrative services. We did this because we stand in solidarity with our colleagues’ mission to dig up inconvenient truths, expose wrongdoing by the powerful and inform African social justice struggles. But we want to do more. Which is why we are launching now, in the aftermath of ‘The Plunder Route to Panama:’ the African Investigative Story Fund. Please follow this link and donate!