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Video | In ZAM editorial room. African investigative journalists talking resistance and repression in the continent

Embark on an eye-opening journey with four fearless African investigative journalists as they unravel the truth behind the uprising against kleptocratic regimes. In 2023, Emmanuel Mutaizibwa, Ngina Kirori, Theophilus Abbah, and Elizabeth BanyiTabi visited the Netherlands to shed light on the tumultuous protest movements sweeping across Africa. Their groundbreaking 'Cry Freedom' investigation unveiled gripping accounts of citizens rallying for change in the face of oppression.

You can now join their discussion in an editorial session in our ZAM Newsroom alongside ZAM's investigations editor Evelyn Groenink and Dutch/Ghanaian human rights activist Jerry Afriyie. A definite must-watch for colleagues in investigative journalism, researchers, policy makers and students! An opportunity to discover firsthand how oppressive regimes, resorting to new digital and financial tactics, stifle dissent and exacerbate the cycle of emigration. Elizabeth BanyiTabi boldly declares, "Hunger is not the reason behind Africans fleeing their homelands; it's the system stacked against the younger generation."

Feel the weight of their words as they lament the brain drain plaguing African nations, questioning how progress can flourish when talent flees in droves. Yet, amidst despair, hope glimmers as they offer insights into how the West can aid Africa's quest for better governance.

Watch the video of the editorial session here

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