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26 – 29.09.19, Hamburg | Africa’s investigative power in spotlight at global conference

The African Investigative Publishing Collective and ZAM will present their groundbreaking reports on kleptocracy at an international journalists’ gathering in Hamburg in September.

Investigations by a total of 24 African investigative journalists in collaboration with ZAM produced 4 groundbreaking reports since October 2017. The outcomes were reported by media worldwide. Newspapers and magazines, in print and online, in South Africa, Uganda, Kenya, Germany, Netherlands, Belgium, DRC, Mali, Liberia, Cameroon, Zambia, Mozambique and Nigeria published feature stories and chapters of the reports.

The reports are evidence of the increasing investigative power of African reporters. Their prime network, the African Investigative Publishing Collective, is recognized by a growing number of media on the continent and worldwide as a reliable source for fact finding and research. No wonder that African kleptocrats in at least 10 countries have hired the Western PR machinery of spindoctor agencies to counter the growing awareness of power abuse.

AIPC members Selase Kovey-Seyram (Ghana), Theophilus Abbah (Nigeria) and Joy Kirigia (Kenya) as well as ZAM’s Bureau Afrika co-ordinator Laurens Nijzink have all confirmed their presence at the 2019 Global Investigative Journalism Conference in Hamburg, Germany, from 26 unti 29 September, 2019. More will attend. Looking forward to meet and talk new stories and investigations!

The 4 reports are available online. Print copies will be available soon.

The Plunder Route to Panama
The Last Resource. Risking Deaths to Feed Your Kids
The Associates. Handling Business for the Kleptocrats
Public Disservice. How Poor Countries Waste Billions

Information about the conference here.