Jennifer Tosch, founder of Black Heritage Tours, conducting a tour in Dam Square, Amsterdam

Observing the largest gathering of black people I had ever seen in Amsterdam, I realised that their pain was familiar, yet we knew so little of each other, separated not just by geography and language, but also by a suppression of our stories.


  1. Essay | Consume less, love more

    Essay | Consume less, love more

    Blog / By Sisonke Msimang

    Since the Covid 19 pandemic people have realised that 'while individualism had worked for them in times of stability, it would get them nowhere in times of stress. They needed one another.', writes Sisonke Msimang in an essay for the exhibition ‘A Fair Share of Utopia’.


  2. Until 22.11.20 | A Fair Share of Utopia

    ‘If you would die today and reincarnate one generation later, in what world would you want to be born, regardless of where or who you are?’ This is the question posed to the artists of ‘A Fair Share of Utopia’ that inspired them to create new works for Nest (The Hague) and CBK Zuidoost (Amsterdam).


  3. Book Review  | The Old Drift

    Book Review | The Old Drift

    Blog / By Wim Reimert

    From Namwanli Serpell's novel emerges a Zambia that is vibrant, energetic and full of life. But it is certainly not a paradise.


  4. Let western museums lease the art stolen in colonial times

    Last year in the Netherlands, the ethnographic museums drew up guidelines for the restitution of artifacts stolen during colonialism. A special commission was formed to evaluate possible claims. Is this really such good news for the countries in which the art was made?


  5. Review | A Meditation on the Foibles of Life

    In Tsitsi Dangarembga's new novel, nominated for the 2020 International Booker Prize, shame and rage reign before the main character comes to terms with herself.


  6. 04.10.20 | De post-racistische planeet

    What does a world without racism looks like? And how do we get there? Inspired by an Afrofuturistic graphic novel, filmmakers Ikenna Azuike, Soraya Pol and Mette te Velde explore a world beyond them and us.


  7. ‘First Encounter,’ Johannesburg, 1994. Photo © George Hallett

    Shortly before the inaugural ZAM Nelson Mandela Lecture started, an iconic picture of the South African freedom fighter and statesman found its way to the stage of the Amsterdam City Theatre. It was shot by George Hallett, who died in Cape Town on July 1st 2020.


  8. Image | Sanlé Sory Le Reléve, 1982

    West African Portraiture from Independence into the 21st Century. Meet Rachid Bissiriou, Sanlé Sory, Leonce Raphal Agbodjélou and others.


  1. All images © Sistaaz Hood / Jan Hoek/Duran Lantin

    Sistaaz of the Castle

    Blog / By Elodi Troskie

    A fashion book by transgender sex workers from Cape Town. Life on the edge of the Castle of Good Hope.


  2. Talking #cancelculture

    Blog / By Bart Luirink

    Amid the furore about #cancelculture it may be appropriate to commemorate the outrage that targeted Achille Mbembe, Cameroonian historian and social scientist, and a profound thinker and visionary, earlier this year. 


  3. The river of life within and around us

    The river of life within and around us

    Blog / By Marnix de Bruyne

    This month 35 years ago, a rain of bullets by a South African death squad ended the life and career of artist and activist Thami Mnyele. The Thami Mnyele Foundation, that welcomed 127 African artists in its studio in Amsterdam, kept his ideas alive.