12.10.17 | African Oligarchs, the report

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Join us for the presentation of a new hard-hitting investigation. The plunder route to Panama exposes how African oligarchs steal from their countries.

On Thursday 12 October, ZAM will present the report by the African Investigative Publishing Collective (AIPC) done in partnership with ZAM and Nairobi-based Africa Uncensored. The report “The Plunder Route to Panama: How African oligarchs steal from their countries” is the result of almost a year of investigative work by a transnational team of journalists in seven African countries. It exposes how African kleptocrat leaders - often of regimes that receive development aid - appropriate mineral wealth and state funds for themselves whilst their citizens continue to live in poverty.

ZAM’s investigative editor Evelyn Groenink, who coordinated and edited the work, will present the report’s findings, whilst Kenyan Africa Uncensored partner John-Allan Namu will provide background on some of the highlights via Skype. A representative from the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs will be at the event to discuss the value that African investigative journalism - and African expert networks more generally - can bring to international foreign policy.

This value has become very clear recently in the case of South Africa, where investigative journalists’ exposure of looting by the government of President Jacob Zuma led to sanctions against international consultancy and accountancy firms - like KPMG and McKinsey - that facilitated illicit financial outflows from that country.

The event, at which ZAM will also unveil a few activities scheduled for "Mandela year 2018", will finish with an informal get together over drinks. Doors will open at 16 hours, the event will start at 16.30. If you want to attend, please This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Location presentation on 12 October: ZAM offices, Tussen de Bogen 66, 1013 JB Amsterdam