Girl Power

BAYIMBA 2016. Credit: Bwette Photography

Friday the 22nd of September the Amsterdam Bijlmer Parktheater and Rooftop Promotions present Lamentations@12. The play is directed by Daves Guzha and written by Getrude Munhamo. It explores the stories of young girls in Zimbabwe in writing, brilliant acting and traditional Zimbabwean music and dance.

Through the history of Zimbabwe, the position of young girls has been troublesome. Lamentations@12 shows the difficulties and hardships these girls have faced at different times. It is a sense of power that keeps them together. The extraordinary play is deeply connected to the countries' past. Internationally acclaimed director Daves Guzha produced a play that is is dark yet fresh, showing women's power. A hit in many African countries, Lamentations@12 will also be shown at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival. The tour ends in the US in two months. Get there!

ZAM Reporter