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When Landscape meets Artscape

Mandela Landscape, an art piece by Dutch photographer and filmmaker Anton Corbijn and artist Berend Strik, will travel to Cape Town and be on view in the Artscape Theatre from 12 February 2017. The work is one out of a series of 80 special prints produced for ZAM.

ZAM decided to donate the art piece as a gesture of solidarity with and out of a deep appreciation for the successful transformation of the former whites-only bastion, -then known as the D.F. Malan Theatre-, into a welcoming space for everyone. In Artscape, lovers of modern dance, classical opera, jazz, ballet, hiphop and the visual arts meet. Under the inspiring leadership of CEO Marlene le Roux, Artscape also takes the theatre to places where places of culture are scarce.

“Today, Artscape inspires us to rid our societies of discrimination, racist symbols and white patronage.”

ZAM is impressed by Le Roux' leadership, ZAM editor-in-chief Bart Luirink said during a symbolic handover of the work at the recent Afrovibes Festival in Amsterdam. According to Luirink, Le Roux’ work can be characterised as building the new South Africa stone by stone in the heart of a city designed by Apartheid, ridding ‘old’ cultural institutions from racist practices and freeing the arts scene of ingrained colonial mindsets

 “The success of Artscape results from a homegrown movement for change. It leans on the vision, the strategic abilities and the creativity of those who reclaim what many still call  'the colony'”, Luirink said. “We want to express our solidarity with that movement. As a platform of African investigative journalism, arts, photography and writing, ZAM feels a strong affinity with Artscape. The presence of Mandela Landscape in Cape Town's Artscape Theatre will encourage a new engagement between both our institutions.”

Luirink also emphasized that “this is not a sentimental journey:” “We don't feel a romantic longing for days long gone – for that era of repression, humiliation and trauma. The alliance between Artscape and ZAM serves an urgent need to share ideas and experiences in our search for freedom and equality. Once, Nelson Mandela inspired people worldwide with his vision for a non-racial and non-sexist South Africa. Today, Artscape inspires us to rid our societies of discrimination, racist symbols and white patronage.”

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Photo credit: Hans Mooren