ZAM Reporter

Travelling while African

‘The Nest’ in Nairobi, Kenya, has issued an invite to any African person who has travelled or hoped or attempted to travel across borders to share their ‘visa stories’. The Nest, which subtitles itself as the ‘Home of Nairobi’s Alternative Art Thinkers, was most recently in the news because a film it made, Stories of Our lives, was banned by Kenya’s censors for ‘promoting homosexuality’. It has also produced films and videos on other subjects such as mob violence and materialism, as well as music clips and even a fashion show.

The Nest’s new Visa Project, its website says, “looks to explore the complex relationships Africans have with the visa document, and the things Africans are required to be, do and prove to obtain visas, and what different visas mean to different people.” The group is asking to hear everyone’s  visa stories: “things that happened to you, things you remember or stories you have heard about the visa process.”

ZAM will be following the progress of the project and invites everyone in the ZAM network to participate.