Ayo Adéné

Ayo Adéné | Why I Feel Frustrated

While America’s black people die at 2 to 3 times the rate of the white population, and like a wicked witch suffering from nocturnal insomnia, the Orange Man announces a midnight defunding of fire-fighting WHO, mid-blaze, peak-inferno.

I feel frustrated that no matter the slew of impeachable offenses and costly display of unpresidential conduct, Americans continue to pretend they have a person fit to remain in their White House.

And in a world joined at the hips by Corona yet severed at the limbs by human arrogance and selfishness, I feel frustrated that Bojo, Great Britain's PM, was saved by NHS health workers with immigrant backgrounds. Imagine a future PM who may be less lucky, because, Brexit.

I feel frustrated that the EU seems set to collapse because the Dutch, and other snotty nosed, anally retentive union members, obdurately refused to give less worthy EU members coronabond money, so they can survive the economic fallout.

I feel frustrated that China has the audacity to bare their racist fangs at immigrant Africans, when it’s they who should be ashamed for exporting Corona to everybody else.

I feel frustrated that western media and it’s talking heads are obsessed with visions of dead bodies all over Africa, or imperialist experimentations of vaccines on Africans, and other such monotone drivel.

And yesterday, I saw a Nigerian parent cry, “hunger virus pass corona virus!”

There, where soldiers whip desperate lockdown transgressors, while entire neighborhoods stay awake all night, fending off marauding gangs with interesting names: one million boys.

Corona exacerbates pre-existing conditions.

I feel frustrated that in the face of glaring evidence that Nigeria is a real life train wreck with multiple traumatic injuries,and no government including the present is up to the task, Nigerians are unable to slam on the breaks, grind to a screeching halt, and act like our polity is a moribund emergency.

It’s a privilege to be frustrated about many things, instead of one thing.

The beauty of it all is that there’s reason for frustration in every nation on earth. We don’t see it well because, packaging. The media that packages our worldviews belongs to The Frustrators-in-Chief.

I don’t know if that shared grief, or shared blame, should make me feel any better.

I do know that the mess that America, or other western nations, might be in, isn’t particularly any of my damn business. I like to say I have my hands full with Nigeria, thank you very much.

1. Corona will come and go. Pretty much in a year thereabouts.
2. We will all be more aware that the world is a fucked up place.
3. Nothing will change.
4. The unsettled dust will resettle, and the elite will recoronate, while the masses lick ass forever.
5. The only thing that can change the world is not the knowledge that the world needs changing, but the action.
6. Considering the odds,the action needs more than a few people acting independently. Avengers assemble,or Thanos wins.
7. Will we assemble? Or get used to the new normal?

Time will tell.