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Video | World Aids Day – The Story of Melissa Ndlovu

In this amazing short video, a Zimbabwean sexworker recalls the frightening expierences with a police officer who pretended to care for her.

Sexworkers and their organisations are often overlooked. Moral stigma and religious rightwing pressure groups targeting African governments create huge stumbling blocks for campaigns creating awareness around HIV/AIDS. The Hands Off programme brings together a number of sexworkers’ organisations in their efforts to empower and support local communities.

Melissa Ndlovu (not her real name) is a member of the Sexual Rights Centre in Bulawayo, Zimbabwe. As an activist for sexworkers’ rights, Melissa works with police, healthcare  providers, churchleaders and the public to promote inclusion, fight the stigma and create a safer environment.

This video is produced by the South African based Blindspotfilms, edited and directed by Philip du Plessis and commissioned by the Aids Fonds. Please note the remarkable animation by Tyrone Pearce!  

The ZAM Team stands in solidarity with Melissa and her call for the decriminalization of sexwork in Zimbabwe. It will save lives.

Watch the video here.