2018 | Mandela100

Blog / By ZAM

ZAM launches 2018 Mandela Centenary programme.

What is the relevance of Nelson Mandela's heritage for us, for today, for the world? What can be learned from the South African experience? These questions are key to an ambitious programme celebrating Nelson Mandela's centenary in 2018. The components of this programme, initiated by ZAM, are released today. More details of the 2018 Nelson Mandela Lecture, the debates, exhibitions, state-of-the-art interactive web applications and groundbreaking investigative journalism projects are part of a Mandela100 info sheet (in English, view the Dutch version here.)The programme will kick off with an event in the 1st quarter of 2018, organised in collaboration with the Netherlands’ International Institute for Social History. Details for this event will be published soon.

For Mandela100, ZAM seeks the support of volunteers, organisers, (media)partners, creatives and donors. A campaign for financial support is also launched today. Click here to donate.

Programme coordinator Laurens Nijzink says: “Nelson Mandela's work and ideas are hugely significant for the many rapidly polarising societies of today’s world. Critically figuring out his legacy may help to tear down walls, transcend divisions and increase social cohesion, tolerance and respect. ZAM's Mandela100 programme is doing just that.”