Sierra Leone | After the flood

Blog / By ZAM Reporter
Photo: Kaningo school community, Sierra Leone by Ibrahim Marrah Photo: Kaningo school community, Sierra Leone by Ibrahim Marrah

ZAM Board member Babah Tarawally drums up support for affected community in Sierra Leone.

A recent investigation by the African Investigative Publishing Collective exposed how large development aid projects get hijacked by African political elites to get even richer. However, the investigation also underlined that giving money directly to a poor community or family can make a difference.

ZAM Board member Babah Tarawally, originally from Sierra Leone, has taken the initiative to raise funds to the amount of 5000 Euro to be sent directly to a community affected by recent floods in that country. Aware that Sierra Leone’s powers-that-be usually don’t care very much for their own citizens (click here for Tarawally’s article on the Ebola crisis in that country in 2014) he has issued a Facebook call to ask friends and others to contribute, in solidarity, a donation to reach that goal of 5000 Euro, meant to assist families who have lost loved ones and belongings in the floods with food, medical supplies and schooling materials. The money will be distributed through the Lemonaid Foundation in Freetown.

The ZAM Team whole heartedly supports this call.

Please send donations to the Ubuntu Society, IBAN: NL 46 RABO 0163 3868 03, with reference to 'Mudslide victims Sierra Leone.' This action ends on the 4th of September.