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The ZAM Kleptocracy Project: The Tabloid

An intense social struggle is under way between exploiters and exploited in many African countries. We should not be bystanders, nor should we think in terms of taking the side of “Africa versus the world.” We should engage with those who fight for justice in Africa, true self-determination and good governance.’

In the past year, ten muckrakers in eight African countries left no stone unturned in their investigations into cronyism, self-enrichment, and the undermining of service delivery. The investigations, part of ZAM's Kleptocracy Project, show the rough contours of the kleptocratic system destroying the social fabric of many African societies. Billions in tax revenues and international aid are being siphoned off from the state coffers.

In the tabloid we look back with pride on a successful project: on the stories, on the makers and their editors, on the impact and on strategies for change. This tabloid offers a concise and, thanks to the work of Diana Ejaita, richly illustrated overview of a job well done. At the same time, the publication marks the beginning of a new research programme. In close cooperation with our colleagues and the African Investigative Publishing Collective, we are stepping up the fight against the monster with stories for change. This is the promise we observe behind the often devastating outcomes of deep digging investigations: a fastly growing potential of changemakers in journalism inspiring social and political activism for change.

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