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The Kleptocracy Project | ZAM & Pakhuis de Zwijger Livecast

Illustration by Diana Ejaita

How African oligarchs sell out their countries. How international aid helps them. How activists try to stop them.

The Kleptocracy Project
ZAM & Pakhuis de Zwijger Livecast
24 June, 2021, 20h30. Livecast. Free admission. 

In many African countries, investigative journalism is on the rise. A new generation of change-makers uncover scandal after scandal, energising African protest movements fighting for social justice and good governance. The Kleptocracy Project, a long term collaboration between a network of journalists from countries all over Africa and ZAM, unearths the corrupt practices of crooked autocrats and their handlers. More importantly, it maps the contours of a kleptocratic system.

How do billions for health, education, and safety ‘disappear’ and fill the pockets of a powerful few? How do international companies, PR gurus and foreign aid play into the hands of the stealing elites? How to tackle systemic dysfunction, aka the plunder machine, and the resulting lack of service delivery? How to turn misguided aid delivered to kleptocrats into real solidarity with those who fight for change?  

Join and listen to experts, journalists, activists and policymakers in a 75-minute programme that tackles these urgent questions. The event is organised by ZAM in collaboration with Pakhuis de Zwijger and hosted by documentary maker, presenter, and founder of Strawberry Earth, Ikenna Azuike.

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Speaker line-up

Bart Luirink
Editor-in-chief at ZAM Magazine
Akinyinka Akinyoade
Researcher at African Studies Centre in Leiden
Ivan Pillay
Former head South African revenue services
Stephanie Duncan Williams
ZAM Coordinator
Benon Herbert Oluka
Africa editor at Global Investigative Journalism Network based in Kampala
Joy Kirigia
Broadcast journalist at Africa Uncensored based in Nairobi
Eliza Anyangwe
Editor at CNN, As Equals, based in Amsterdam