05.12.18, Amsterdam | Dutch premiere of The State Against Mandela and the Others

Events / By ZAM Reporter
Image: Still from 'The State vs. Nelson Mandela and the Others' Image: Still from 'The State vs. Nelson Mandela and the Others'

In 1964, Nelson Mandela and his co-defendants barely escaped the death penalty. This reconstruction of the ‘Rivonia Trial’ tells a story more relevant than ever.

Judge De Wet considered the accusation of high treason to be proven, but ultimately decided not to impose the highest punishment. International pressure might have been crucial.

In the almost 2-hour documentary The State Against Mandela and the Others lawyers, defendants and the son of public prosecutor Yutar recall the historical events that took place in the Pretoria court. At the time no photography and filming was allowed, only the more than 200 hours of sound recordings were retained. Documentary makers Nicolas Champeaux and Gellis Porte solve the lack of imagery with beautiful animation by Dutch artist Oerd van Cuijlenborg. The documentary was shown earlier this year at the film festival in Cannes and has already received very favourable criticism.

Join us for the premiere, organised by Oxville De Meervaart in co-operation with ZAM and Amstelfilm, on Wednesday 5 December, 2018.

More information and tickets here.