Sophie Bósèdé Oluwole | Writing back, reclaiming philosophy

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Sophie Oluwole ©Raymond Taudin Chabot Sophie Oluwole ©Raymond Taudin Chabot

Why have we all heard of Socrates, one of 'the patron saints of classical philosophy', and not about Orúnmìlà? This Yoruba thinker, a man living in the same period of time, also turned against the idea of absolute truth. As with Socrates his ideas were only put into writing by students decades after he passed away. Ever since, Socrates has been credited for thoughts that were not exclusively his, Sophie Bósèdé Oluwole argues. In her latest book, Socrates and Orúnmìlà, the Nigerian philosopher puts the two men into a dialogue thus reclaiming an impressive African knowledge system. In doing so she also deals with the mistaken portrayal of Orúnmìlà as a mythological figure whose wisdoms should only be understood in a religious sense.

Oluwole's book has been cheered by several international media. A Dutch translation will be launched in May. For this occasion, Oluwole will visit The Netherlands and Belgium and speak at a number of events at the Koninklijke Vlaamse Schouwburg in Brussels (20 May, 2017), The School of Life (23 May, 2017), and NiNsee (24 May, 2017) in Amsterdam. For more information about the book and the events check (in Dutch): www.uitgeverijtenhave.nl/baanbrekend-boek-afrikaanse-filosofie/.

Win Dutch edition Socrates and Orúnmìlà by sending an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with Sophie Oluwole in the subject line before May 15, 2017.