Africans in ‘satire fest’ on Twitter

If Africa was a bar, Nigeria would be the guys manning the toilets and making more money than the bar itself; South Africa would be that light-skinned girl who is haughtily refusing to mix with anyone else and Uganda would be the drunk uncle repeatedly asking his neighbour Kenya to return his ‘stolen’ cows. In turn, Kenya, whilst unable to pay for own drinks, would keep droning on about how his countryman Obama made it in the USA. And Zimbabwe would be daring a white guy to step on his toes.

If Africa was a bar, what would your country be doing/drinking? The question, asked by 22-year old Botswana blogger Syanda Moutsiwa (@Siyandawrites) on Twitter on 27 July, has had Africans in comedic stitches for days and sparked articles on BBC and CNN, with the latter labelling it a ‘pan-continental satire fest’.

The hashtag also prompted comments that the fun people are having with it has brought Africans more together than the African Union ever has. In the CNN interview, Siyanda Moutsiwa said she thought that Africans were dying to talk about Africa among themselves, without ‘being talked down to’ by international media. She added that she had personally been wondering about the stereotypes people might have about her country and was immediately rewarded with “Botswana would be the guy who ends up in ICU after spilling the Nigerian guys’ beer.”

See #IfAfricawasabar tweets here.

One of the tweets.
ZAM Reporter