18 July 2015: International Mandela Day

Celebrating his achievements, continuing his struggle

On Saturday 18 July people worldwide will join in Mandela Day activities. They volunteer in social movements and participate in good causes for at least 67 minutes. This number is based on the years Mandela spent on activism, freedom struggle and statesmanship.

International Mandela Day was launched five years ago with the support of the United Nations.

For the first time, the celebration of Mandela Day will now be held in The Netherlands and has the warm support of ZAM. Our staff will participate in the event at Nelson Mandela Park in the south eastern part of Amsterdam. The event is organised by the South African Embassy in The Netherlands in close co-operation with the annual Kwaku Festival and the ‘Samen door Mandela – group’ in the neighbourhood.

Find more info about the programme at www.kwakufestival.nl/nelson-mandela-day/

Join the Mandela-dag Facebook page at www.facebook.com/pages/Mandeladag-Amsterdam/290700631112709?ref=hl