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Lut’s People. The struggle to be gay and Muslim in South Africa

Image: screenshot of .video Lut's People: The Struggle to be Gay and Muslim in South Africa. Published by the Daily Maverick

Rebecca Davies & Haji Mohamed Dawjee explore religion and sexuality for the Daily Maverick (video, visuals and story).

Video: A moulana from Pretoria answers questions about what to do if you're gay and Muslim. 

Video: The People’s Mosque in Cape Town is an inclusive mosque, which offers a place where the LGBTI Muslim community can worship. This is a peek into a mosque which has over 30 regular worshippers and offers access to counselling and marriage ceremonies for gay couples.

Both videos are produced by Leila Dougan and Rebecca Davis. Shot and edited by Leila Dougan.

Story & Pictures: How do gay South African Muslims negotiate the seemingly irreconcilable divide between their sexual orientation and their religion? Are attitudes towards homosexuality as hard-line among ordinary Muslims as those preached from the pulpit? And can things ever change?