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Celebrating Chinua Achebe | Things come together

Arrow of God. Cropped image of cover by Victor Ekpuk

New cover design by Victor Ekpuk for the 60th anniversary edition of Achebe's world famous trilogy.

Penguin USA pulled out all the stops for a commemorative edition of Things Fall Apart, worthy of such a great book and writer.

Washington DC  based Nigerian artist Victor Ekpuk was commissioned to make new cover design for this book as well as for Achebe's No Longer at Ease and Arrow of God. In his artwork Ekpuk is inspired by Nsibidi philosophy and graphic system, Igbo's Ikenga, and other aesthetic forms and concepts.

Recently,  the Smithsonian National Museum of African Art in Washington DC and publisher Penguin Random House celebrated the anniversary of Achebe's novels and life at an event themed: 'The Ongoing Legacy of Chinua Achebe in Contemporary Art and the Current Moment'. The happening featured a conversation Ekpuk and the writer's daughter, renowned historian Nwando Achebe.

Victor Ekpuk is one of ZAM’s supporting artists. At the launch of ZAM Magazine (ZAM Africa Magazine 01/2008) on 8 April, 2008 he drew a mural – 'Amsterdam Central'- drawing exclusively for ZAM. Watch the making of the mural here:

Learn more about Ekpuk's work on his personal website and Instagram.

Watch the covers here:

Things Fall Apart. Cover by Victor Ekpuk
No Longer At Ease. Cover by Victor Ekpuk
Arrow of God. Cover by Victor Ekpuk
Man of the People. Cover by Victor Ekpuk
The African Trilogy. Cover by Victor Ekpuk