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Accolades for African participants at the Global Investigative Journalism Conference

AIPC member Eric Mwamba speaking at the launch of 'African Muckraking'. first in the row (from left) is Liberian investigative editor Rodney Sieh, then Ugandan media trainer and AIPC juror Lydia Namubiru. Fourth from left is ZAM-AIPC investigative editor Evelyn Groenink and first from the right the book's main compiler, Columbia University media lecturer Anya Schiffrin. Photo: Madelene Cronjé and the Global Investigative Journalism Network

With no less than six members of ZAM’s partner the African Investigative Publishing Collective presenting their deep-digging stories, plus the showing of Anas Aremeyaw Anas’ undercover documentary ‘Justice!’, plus a book launch on 75 years of investigative journalism on the African continent, plus the Global Shining Light Award for investigative journalism awarded to AIPC member the Premium Times, African investigative journalists occupied their deserved place on the international stage at the recently held Global Investigative Journalism Conference in Johannesburg (16-18 November.)

With the highlights of the presentations at the conference featured on the main Global Investigative Journalism Network website, links to the African contributions were tweeted by @gijnAfrica.

Click here and here for ZAM-AIPC’s investigations coordinator Evelyn Groenink’s text and PowerPoint presentation on the why and how of the cross-border work done by the partnership.