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The AIPC in the news

The AIPC got quite a bit of publicity from the release of its first investigation of 2017. Was the 2016 series already successful, with worldwide mentions and two chapters in a soon-to-be-released US-made reference book about African investigative journalism, the 2017 series is being co-published by respected media houses in Spain, Belgium, the Netherlands, South Africa, Ghana, Uganda and Kenya.

A range of investigative journalism  and development aid experts have commented on and retweeted the first instalment, titled “Aid that helps the rich.” “An important article,” tweeted Esther Marijnen, post-doc researcher at the Sheffield Institute for International Development. Linda Polman, author of a number of critical books on development aid and peace keeping thought it a ‘fine story’ too. The story was also highlighted in retweets by Dapo Olorunyomi of the groundbreaking flagship of African investigative journalism, the Premium Times in Nigeria, Erik Charas of Mozambiques’ A Verdade, Action Aid researcher Danny Wijnhoud and several international Africa correspondents. The Africa correspondent for the Dutch NRC, Bram Vermeulen, turned the story into a headline for the NRC’s international newsletter. And lastly, a Cameroonian social media activist and critic tweeted the story with the comment ‘Death by Foreign Aid?’

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