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Winnie Madikizela-Mandela at her 80th birthday celebrations held at Mount Nelson Hotel in Cape Town. Photo: GCIS

Pascale Lamche's new documentary on Winnie Mandela will be in Dutch cinemas from June 22nd.

In 2004, ​Pascale Lamche directed Accused #1: Nelson Mandela, a documentary about the Rivonia Trial that featured exclusive interviews with Nelson Mandela and all surviving co-accused. Now, Lamche revisits the Mandelas in her latest documentary “Winnie,” which premiered at this year’s Sundance Film Festival.

Lamche sees Winnie Mandela as a highly misunderstood female political figure who, while her husband was in jail for 27 years, fought on the front lines and inspired a national uprising.

As it says in the documentary’s description, the film “pieces together and properly considers her life and contribution to the struggle to bring down Apartheid from the inside, with intimate insight from those who were closest to her and with testimony from those who sought to extinguish her radical capacity to shake up the order of things.”

To create the film Lamche interviewed Winnie four times over a period of two years. She also spoke with her daughter Zindzi, Mandela’s friends, collaborators and foes. “At the same time, I interviewed a whole host of her friends and collaborators, but also tracked down her enemies and began unraveling a story involving psychological warfare and other dirty-tricks campaigns,” the filmmaker has stated. “I came to the conclusion that she and Nelson Mandela were two sides of the same powerful coin and something terrible had been done to them.”

'Winnie, the life of Winnie Mandela', premiered at the Sundance Film festival and was produced by Pumpernickel Films in collaboration with Big World Cinema (South Africa), IV Films (Finland) and Submarine (the Netherlands).

It will be shown in Dutch cinema's from June 22nd.

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