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Afrikanist in Motion | A public transport story through the lens of Yasser Booley

On 16 March 2017, South African documentary photographer, Yasser Booley embarked on a public transport journey from Cape Town, South Africa to Dar es Salaam, Tanzania. Booley travels with various forms of public transport such as trains, buses and taxis with the mission to capture and learn about the countries and the people who travel across the borders on a regular basis using these transports. During this travel he hopes to connect with the man in the street.

The two-week journey is part of a project called Afrikanist in Motion, and is about unfolding the public transport human story. Booley’s work is focused on ways people connect to each other. He believes that through bringing this world to the broader African public he may inspire others to the idea of traveling within Africa as a norm. The freeer movement of people is, he believes, a catalyst, growth and prosperity, and in his words forms the backbone of the ‘Real African Union’; where he sees people, goods, stories and ideas crossing borders and making an impact. These are the narratives he would like to bring back and share to promote the idea of an interconnected and accessible Africa. The inaugural Cape to Dar leg will be the first episode in telling this story.

After eleven days on the road Booley has now reached Lusaka, Zambia. Follow his journey on Instagram: afrikanistinmotion and twitter: @Afri_Mo

ZAM latest Photo Editions cover the work of Booley. This was a result of the collaboration between ZAM, the photographer, his curator Joan Legalamitlwa and Africalia. Africalia is also the publisher of his book South Africa at Liberty. Click here to view Photo Editions #2 with Booley and here to read more about the book South Africa at Liberty. ‘South Africa at Liberty’ is currently exhibited at 9 Spin Street Cape Town. The exhibition is curated by Joan Legalamitlwa and will run until the end of April, 2017.

Afrikanist in Motion is supported by Aurecon and WhereIsMyTransport.