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ZAM's infographer wins prestigious award

With his data landscape on the consumption of added sugars Ruiter Janssen has won the annual Dutch Designers (BNO) infographics Award 2015. The winning infographic was published in the Dutch daily

Ruiter Janssen is the designer of the beautiful country maps in the ZAM Chronicle. The first map of his hand was one of Burundi which appeared in ZC13. A map of Mali followed in ZC14 and a map of Angola in ZC15. The number of maps will continue to grow with each Chronicle and ultimately every African country will have its own map on ZAM and in the ZAM Chronicle.

Besides creating maps for the Chronicle, ZAM and Ruiter are currently also co-operating in a larger infographic project concerning Dutch trails in South Africa and the Dutch influence on apartheid. The result of this co-operation will be published in the ZAM Chronicle and on the website later this year.

Please see a complete overview of his work here.