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Racism Tours Europe

Exhibit B: Racism tours Europe

South African playwright and artistic director of the group Third World Bun Fight Brett Bailey's EXHIBIT B was recently presented at the Holland Festival. The production draws together several threads concerning European racism towards Africans from the mid-19th century to the present. It looks at ethnographic exhibitions, social Darwinism and today’s increasingly xenophobic policies of the EU. As it was made for festivals in Austria and Germany, it also focuses on the imperial moment in German South West Africa (Namibia) and the atrocities committed by German colonial forces.

September 2014: Exhibit B under attack in London, read this article in the South African Mail & Guardian.

Exhibit B was cancelled due to protests, read two different views on this issue in 'Brett Bailey’s 'Exhibit B' was cancelled justifiably, says ZAM Chronicle’s arts editor' and 'After Exhibit B, maybe we can think of showing live gas chambers or abused women on stage'. Both articles can also be found on the arena page.

Watch slide show of the exhibition here.

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