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Of Witches, of Seance, of Voodoo, of Speaking in Tongues


Kinkerstraat 96 Amsterdam


Martin Toloku & Ayomide Tejuoso (Plantation)


Musoke Nalwoga

A STATE OF GRACE? seeks to use the exhibition as a space for transformative ritual where it will locate itself in the past, the now and actively rejecting any projection into any future. It draws inspiration from witches, cults, occultism, voodoo, and other marginalized spiritual sciences from various communities in the diaspora.

Dissociations like instances of trance, speaking in tongues, soaking in the sublime, wondrous worshiping, encounters with spirits, and being in liminal space give connection to making transformative spiritual zones, the organisers write in a press release.

Motormond is a not for profit Art Space that is dedicated to circulating a “critically grounded Pan Diasporic Culture.” “We are committed to staging, activating and circulating culture that facilitate bonds of solidarity between all peoples in the diaspora.”

Curator Musoke Nalwoga (1994) was born and raised in Uganda. She is currently working in Amsterdam as a curator and researcher with a focus on contemporary art. Musoke studied Art History at University College Roosevelt in Middelburg, a Master’s degree in Cultural Analysis at the University of Amsterdam, and a Master of Research degree in Critical studies at the Sandberg Institute. Musoke is the founding director of Motormond Amsterdam, a new art gallery that aims to give a much-needed update to the idea of the ‘white cube’. In her role as a researcher she has contributed to the curatorial programs of Sonsbeeck 20-24, The Cobra Museum of Modern Art, and Framer Framed. She is also a guest lecturer on the University of Amsterdam’s MA Art and Performance Studies program.

A STATE OF GRACE? will manifest through processions, rituals, workshops, lectures, and discursive programs. Every Thursday at 19:00 to 21:30 there will be a public program in the exhibition

A STATE OF GRACE: of Witches, of Seance, of Voodoo, of Speaking in Tongues and Othered instances of Diasporic TRANS-portation.
Exhibition Run: 25th January to 27th July
kinkerstraat 96
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