ZAM Reporter

An African Festive Season in the Netherlands

In 2009, during her much-cited TedX talk, writer Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie warned of the dangers of a "single story." Referring to her native Nigeria, she said, "Every time I am home I am confronted with the usual sources of irritation: our failed infrastructure, our failed government, but also by the incredible resilience of people who thrive despite the government, rather than because of it."

That resilience is expressed not least in the works of new generations of African investigative journalists, artists, opinion makers and activists. ZAM lives to bring these to the attention of an international audience. Together, they form another story that offers insight into complex developments with universal relevance.

On the eve of a month full of festivals, exhibitions, lectures and talks we offer our Dutch readership an abundance of enticing events. They are well worth a visit. Our readers elsewhere in the world will hopefully derive inspiration from the fact that so many African creatives and changemakers are finding their way through the loopholes of Fortress Europe to Dutch stages this week.