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Prince Claus Impact Awards see three African winners

Senegalese film director and screenwriter Alain Gomis, Moroccan visual artist Hassan Darsi and Egyptian architectural engineer May al-Ibrashi are among the six winners of the Prince Claus Impact Awards, which were announced on Tuesday September 6 2022. Other winners include Brazilian indigenous leader, poet and writer Ailton Krenak, Cuban performing artist Luis Manuel Otero Alcántara, and Argentinian writer, poet and activist Maria Medrano.

The Awards recognise artists, creatives and inspirational leaders who have shown transformative power, consistent dedication and engagement within their contexts and beyond. They are awarded to artists whose practices are creatively inspiring, offer new perspectives and address with pressing social and/or political issues from new angles. They stand as a testament to the positive, critical and crucial role that arts and culture can play across the world.

Each of these individuals’ work looks to specific communities, is geared at changing both local and global realities and is rooted in heritage whilst working towards an open and inclusive future. The Jury commends them for their resilience, outspokenness and determination, and for dedicating their lives to addressing pressing social matters, creating opportunities for change by engaging local communities and amplifying their voices to reach audiences across the world.

The Jury shares our belief that culture can affect people and societies, and contends that these artists have proven this through their diverse, inspiring and engaged artistic practices. They represent change and reach out with generosity and hope towards the next generation.

More information about the winners here.