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Video | Until 30.09.22, Saint Raphaël, France | Excodes, Algeria

85 artists participate in a city-wide exhibition in Saint-Raphaël in France celebrating the 60th anniversary of Algerian independence.

To celebrate the 60 years of the Evian Accords and the Independence of Algeria, eight historic buildings in the city of Saint-Raphaël, France, has been chosen by Simone Dibo-Cohen, directrice of UMAN in Nice.

The city gave Dibo-Cohen carte blanche to display works by 85 artists of all ages and from all over the world, united under the theme of “Exodes”.

The result is an exceptional opportunity to discover and appreciate a wealth of sculptures, paintings, photographs, installations, performances, projections and more. Each of the artists brings us into their moving experiences, their emotion, asking us to reflect on our own history and that of our congeners, near and far, on their long human wandering.

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