Bart Luirink

Between Strangers | An exhibition curated by South African artist Morné Visagie

An exhibition opened recently at Nuweland Gallery in the northern part of the Netherlands. Curator, South African artist Morné Visagie, brought together the works of artists from around the world; from Namibia to Mexico, South Korea to Zimbabwe, Germany to the United States, and South Africa. It’s an amazing showcase of artistic expression.

Artists Musa N Nxumalo and Haneem Christian, featured on this page, are only two of the participating artists. They might come from different worlds, but they are brought together in this exchange, Between Strangers, as the exhibition is rightly titled. In preparation for the show, Visagie had the artists talk with one another by telephone, email, WhatsApp and Instagram, about issues addressed in their work: colour, nostalgia, gender, representation, taboo.

This is what we should all do: talk, listen, ‘unstrange’ things. So that we hear other perspectives and victories in battles that so often seem hopeless. These are the stories for change.

Learn more about Between Strangers here.