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Film | Lamentations of Judas

The 'Terrible Ones', those young Angolans who collaborated with Apartheid South Africa during its border wars, re-enact the Biblical story of Judas.

In its 'border wars' with neighbouring countries, Apartheid South Africa recruited young Angolans to fight against the black population. After all these wars were lost, the so-called 'Terrible Ones' live in Pomfret, a deserted village in South Africa.

In the feature film Lamentations of Judas the late filmmaker Boris Gerrets revisits the tragic story and those involved. In an effort to confront the past, the veterans re-enact the Biblical story of Judas Iskariot, a story of betrayal.

Gerrets' impressive cinematographic document is on view at the Amsterdam Cinema Delicatessen.

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