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Free Video | Multiverse Ghana | Why African science matters

It’s been exactly five years since Juul van der Laan’s documentary Multiverse Ghana premiered.

This is a wonderful anniversary to celebrate. ZAM Magazine and Juul van der Laan have teamed up to offer you a chance to watch Multiverse Ghana for free for the next month (ending 23 August 2020).

Multiverse Ghana introduces you to a wealth of scientific insight and experiences, as well as the obstacles obstructing academic growth in a country that has produced one of the world's greatest  scientific minds, professor Francis Allotey (1932-2017). Allotey attended the 2015 world premiere of Multiverse Ghana, organised by ZAM and De Balie, in Amsterdam.

How to watch Multiverse Ghana for free?
Follow this link to Vimeo, click to rent the film (you won't pay the €2.50 rental fee — this is covered by the promo code), login (or register for free if you don't have a Vimeo account), and use the promotional code: GHANA5