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CAP PRIZE 2020 Shortlist | Talangai (2017), Gosette Lubondo, Congo

Talangai (2017), Gosette Lubondo, Congo

Gosette Lubondo is one of the 25 photographers shortlisted for the 2020 CAP Prize for Contemporary African Photography.

Her motivation:

"Tala ngai" is an expression from Lingala, one of the four national languages of the Democratic Republic of Congo which means "Look at me or visit me." It is an ongoing project that started in 2017. This project is part of the theme of self-perception and what we give the outside world to see us is a way to question identity and physical appearance. It is also a way of confronting these two spaces: one intimate and the other that we judge externally. Inspired by the classical portrait and intended to be displayed in triptychs to present the women of the Kinshasa in a more realistic way by departing from how each of them has to present themselves in public in this era of the selfie. The third image is used to question the idea of classifying people in relation to their places of origin.

Talangai is a work of archiving social and cultural realities of society but also a way to convey the attitude of these young women at this precise time.

The 5 winning projects will be announced on 20 September 2020 at the Photo Basel International Art Fair.
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