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Pride Photo Award Winners Announced

The winners of PRIDE PHOTO AWARD, an annual international contest for photos about sexual and gender diversity, were announced last Friday, November 1, 2019, in Amsterdam. Here they are: 

This is the winning picture by Seungwook Yang (South Korea): two identical superhero action figures, posed as if they are kissing, on a colourful flower-print cloth, reminds us of acting out romantic fantasies as a child. Using two male superheros, the photographer subtly hints at LGBT children being heroes themselves. The vibrant image turns an act that might be reprimanded out of the shadows of shame and into the spotlight as a celebration of love.

The 2019 jury, chaired by John Fleetwood (South Africa),  chose this image out of 3.800 images entered by 409 photographers of 65 different nationalities.

The other winners are:
1st prize in the category Unique: Rites by Vaughan Larsen, (American)
2nd prize in the category Unique: Chameleon by Ugo Woatzi, (French)

3rd prize in the category Unique: Burma Love by Chiara Luxardo, (Italian)

Our special mentions:

1st prize in the category Single Images: Group of gay men share a room in Kampala by Keiji Fujimoto, (Japanese)

The 2nd Prize in the category single images: Micha Serraf (Zimbabwe) – Another day as greatness, the picture is made in South Africa.

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