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New milestone for ZAM with the appointment of Sean Fitzpatrick as Executive Director

At ZAM we bring the stories, insights and perspectives of independent African creatives and innovators in investigative journalism, photography, art and opinion to the attention of a growing international audience. Motivated by ideals of equality and self-determination ZAM, together with our network of over 1200+ African creatives, pushes ever onwards with our mission of building a world beyond them and us.

We continually endeavour to reach wider audiences and create greater visibility for our publications and events. Simultaneously we are committed to establishing a more durable foundation in terms of operations, funding and income. To help us achieve these goals ZAM has decided to appoint a new director to lead our organisation into the future. We are happy to announce that Sean Fitzpatrick has been appointed to this role.

The time has come for ZAM to reinvent itself. We want to build on existing networks and expertise. But at the same time there is a need for fresh ideas, for a creative innovator whose digital skills will assist us in exploring new funding opportunities – and reaching out to the next generation of African and Afro-European change-makers. Sean Fitzpatrick is familiar with ZAM, but his critical and out-of-the-box thinking will compel ZAM to push its boundaries. Welcome to the ZAM family, Sean!

Annelies Verdoolaege - Chair, board of governors

I am beyond ecstatic about Sean taking over as ZAM's new executive director. He brings dedication, lots of skills, experience and innovation to our platform. I will of course remain available to help serve the rapidly growing network of African creatives and change-makers that I hold so dear, but no longer in a central role. While I take a step back, the process of building knowledge and solidarity, so crucial to our organisation, will move to the next level.

Bart Luirink - ZAM editor

My passion for photography, film and journalism, tied with my African roots give me ideal credentials for this role. ZAM has so much potential. I believe ZAM can help us all understand our world in a deeper, more meaningful way. We’ve got some really solid, fresh ideas for getting our work out there. It’s a very exciting time for ZAM right now.

Sean Fitzpatrick - ZAM executive director

Sean can be reached directly via This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.