1. Book Launch Mário Macilau August 11, 2016

    Upcoming event | Join us and meet photographer Mario Macilau who will be launching his photobook Growing in Darkness, published by Kehrer at ZAM on August 11, 2016. 


  2. The Good Civil Servants

    The Good Civil Servants

    Chronicle #21 / By Anas Aremeyaw Anas, Theophilus Abbah and Benon Herbert Oluka

    Conscientious officials and their fight against corruption.


  3. The Fairtrade chocolate rip-off

    The Fairtrade chocolate rip-off

    Chronicle #0 / By Forum for African Investigative Reporters

    West-Africa | Expensive 'fair' chocolate does not benefit cocoa farmers


  4. The Siren Call

    The Siren Call

    Chronicle #19 / By David Dembele, Hamza Idris, Muno Gedi, Bram Posthumus and Kenya correspondent

    Let down by ruling elites, it is difficult for youth in East and West Africa to withstand the ‘siren call’ of jihadi movements.


  1. Hunting Season

    Hunting Season

    Chronicle #23 / By Lázaro Mabunda

    It's two-and-a-half thousand dead rhinos vs. three-hundred-and-sixty-three dead poachers in the Kruger Park


  2. The Uneasy Truths Project

    The Uneasy Truths Project

    Chronicle #24 / By Evelyn Groenink

    The six cross-border investigations done by AIPC-ZAM teams ​shatter some dominant narratives.


  3. Wig Towers

    Wig Towers

    Chronicle #24 / By ZAM reporter

    Meschac Gaba at Afrika 010. Rotterdam buildings, African headdress.


  4. Africadelic in Pictures

    Africadelic in Pictures

    Blog / By ZAM reporter

    Amsterdam celebrated Africa Day 2016 with an energetic Africadelic night with talks, art and music.