1. Architect Kunlé Adeyemi in early 2013 in front of the Floating School under construction. Credits: Femke van Zeijl

    The rise and fall of the Floating School

    Chronicle #26 / By Femke van Zeijl

    The triangular floating structure was a beacon on the Lagos Lagoon. But after the Floating School collapsed, many questions remained unanswered. Was the building project on the Lagos Lagoon really the success it claimed to be?


  2. Mountains of Kong

    Mountains of Kong

    Chronicle #17 / By ZAM

    Once the 'Mountains of Kong' crossed the African continent. A mountain range from the Niger river's source in West Africa to the White Nile in the east was drawn onto maps for more than a hundred years up until 1995.


  3. Angola after Oil

    Angola after Oil

    Chronicle #15 / By Gustavo Costa

    With no more oil money coming in, Angola’s rulers try to counter a winter of discontent by force.


  4. The Siren Call

    The Siren Call

    Chronicle #19 / By David Dembele, Hamza Idris, Muno Gedi, Bram Posthumus and Kenya correspondent

    Let down by ruling elites, it is difficult for youth in East and West Africa to withstand the ‘siren call’ of jihadi movements.


  5. The Uneasy Truths Project

    The Uneasy Truths Project

    Chronicle #24 / By Evelyn Groenink

    The six cross-border investigations done by AIPC-ZAM teams ​shatter some dominant narratives.


  6. Kalahari Catch-22

    Kalahari Catch-22

    Chronicle #4 / By Tshireletso Motlogelwa

    Botswana | Mangled between development, the desert and international 'protectors'


  1. When Landscape meets Artscape

    When Landscape meets Artscape

    Blog / By ZAM reporter

    Mandela Landscape, an art piece by Dutch photographer and filmmaker Anton Corbijn and artist Berend Strik, will travel to Cape Town and be on view in the Artscape Theatre from 12 February 2017. The work is one out of a series of 80 special prints produced for ZAM.


  2. Parfum d’Existence

    Parfum d’Existence

    Chronicle #15 / By Lara Bourdin

    Africa, Africans art exhibit in Brazil evokes slave trade, sugar cane liquor, missionary zeal and voodoo.


  3. Essay | Gender Disparity

    Chronicle #25 / By Ayo Adene

    Girls abducted. Girls married off before they turn 15. Women denied equality before the law. Why do so many African societies move like a car on two left-side wheels?


  4. Photo by Marianne Tamm (Daily Maverick). Original photo of the sky by Marlee/Flickr

    The ZAM Team mourns the passing of Fezeka Kuzwayo. She had the courage to fight the powerful. In a poem, published by ZAM in 2009, Fezeka recalled the horror she experienced one night in the house of the man who became president of South Africa. Khwezi, as Fezeka was also known, left us last Saturday. We will remember her. Read the poem here.


  5. Photo: Estacio Valoi

    Friends with the General

    Chronicle #25 / By Evelyn Groenink

    How a British multinational became an apologist for a murderous regime.