Tuesday 16/09/2014

Courtesy of Patrick Willocq

Diamond Heights

Chronicle #9 / By ZAM Reporter

The winners of the photography contest POPCAP14 depict secluded young mothers, traditional elders, war survivors and children playing in the canals of a diamond mine.


Images of Power

Chronicle #2 / By ZAM Reporters

How a photograph stains your brain.


Mandela Landscape

ZAM Art / By Anton Corbijn and Berend Strik

In 2003, Corbijn made a portrait of Nelson Mandela. Strik recently reworked the portrait with the unique stitching technique that brought him international fame. The resulting Mandela Landscape is a double-sided artwork; the backside showing a labyrinth of wires and stitches.


Remember the Future

A special ZAM issue (Dutch)

Adriaan van Dis Marlene Dumas Anton Corbijn Bram Vermeulen Berend Strik Lieve Joris Conny Braam Gerda Havertong Kadir van Lohuizen Sander Veeneman and others. Order your copy