Sunday 05/07/2015

Review | The Essops’ Unrest

Chronicle #14 / By Cornelia Knoll

Brothers in photography, Hasan and Husain Essop, unveil the shadows of Cape Town’s past and present.


Alliance Française

Chronicle #14 / By Intagrist el Ansari

The French anti-jihadist forces’ new romance with Touareg rebels in the north is making Mali’s government very unhappy.


Evil Medicine

Chronicle #14 / By Shaun Raviv

In the early 2000’s, two serial killers roamed Swaziland. Only one of them was human.


Book | Bound to Secrecy

Chronicle #14 / By Bart Luirink

An exploration of power, the fear it generates and love in all its magical, addictive forms. Exclusive excerpt.


Mandela Landscape

ZAM Art / By Anton Corbijn and Berend Strik

In 2003, Corbijn made a portrait of Nelson Mandela. Strik recently reworked the portrait with the unique stitching technique that brought him international fame.



Uncle Tom

Straight from the Cabin

Sex and Money

Uncle Tom finds out about fund raising in the Gambia.

Remember the Future

A special ZAM issue (Dutch)

Adriaan van Dis Marlene Dumas Anton Corbijn Bram Vermeulen Berend Strik Lieve Joris Conny Braam Gerda Havertong Kadir van Lohuizen Sander Veeneman and others. Order your copy