Behind the NGO Attack

The Contrarian / By Elnathan John

NGOs in his country are not the benign civil society activist groups they purport to be, says Nigerian satirist, former lawyer and novelist Elnathan John.


The Rainbow Myth

The Contrarian / By Nomalanga Mkhize

For middle class people in South Africa to accuse the marginalised of shaming the ‘rainbow nation’ is adding insult to injury, says Rhodes historian Nomalanga Mkhize.


It’s not sex work that causes high HIV rates and violence, it’s the criminalisation of it that is the problem, argues Dianne Massawe of the Sex Workers Education and Advocacy Taskforce in South Africa.


Blaming mine boss Cyril Ramaphosa for the bloodbath of mineworkers at Marikana is not based on evidence. It is also way too simplistic, says South African academic, columnist and former trade unionist Steven Friedman.


"Don't boycott clothes made by exploited workers"

The Contrarian / By Atunga Atuti O.J.

Customers should not boycott clothes that have been made by exploited workers, says Atunga Atuti O.J.. But it’s a good idea to question the origins of the goods you buy, and to engage the brands.


"Successful white farms are a myth"

The Contrarian / By Joe Hanlon

Zimbabwe's land reform. Tens of thousands of violent Mugabe-supporters invaded prosperous white farms, wrecked them and reduced the country to ruins. Not true, says 'Zimbabwe takes back its land', a new book by Joe Hanlon, Jeanette Manjengwa and Teresa Smart. The ZAM Chronicle Q & A with Joe Hanlon