Stilspraak is a richly illustrated and beautifully executed monograph on the work of the internationally renowned South African artist Strijdom van der Merwe.


Inside the illicit trade in West Africa’s oldest artworks

Blog / By Lutz Mükke and Adie Vanessa Offiong / Africa Vagabonds

Nok terracottas are proof that an ancient civilisation once existed in Nigeria. Now they are at the centre of a multi-million dollar, globe-spanning underground industry. Nigeria loses out.


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The #Jerusalemadancechallenge will enter history as the global COVID-19 crisis’ unprecedented, contemporary African-inspired symbol of hope. Yet the Angolan origins of this viral trend, and the reason behind Jerusalema’s explosive popularity, are barely touched upon by the international media.


Why are Africans not dying?

Blog / By Rasna Warah

If the coronavirus has taught us anything, it is that not even a pandemic can erase the inherent racism in the Western media and in humanitarian organisations.