In 2011, ZAM published photographic works of Swaziland artist Nandipha Mntambo. Her work is now exhibited in the recently opened Zeitz MOCAA Museum in Cape Town.


Q&A with Kadara Enyeasi

Blog / By Christina Månsson

No vintage anymore, UNSEEN shows exclusively photographic work that was made over the last three years.


Remembering Biko

Blog / By ZAM Reporter

40 years ago, on the 12th of September 1977, Steve 'Bantu' Biko was murdered by the Apartheid regime in South Africa.


African oligarchs

Blog / By Evelyn Groenink

Blaming only multinationals for the plunder of Africa’s mineral and other natural resources?


Togo | Gnassingbé to-go

Blog / By Evelyn Groenink

An uprising against a dictator. Angry people in the streets. Seven protestors shot dead by soldiers.