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The ZAM Chronicle

Wednesday - 22th Jan 2014

The ZAM Chronicle

Nigerian Undercover Reporter Busts Human Traffic Network

Exclusive: Nigerian undercover reporter busts human traffic network

By ZAM Reporters

Criminal syndicates, sex work and organ trade. More...



Unpalatable Truths

Our bleeding hearts must not stop us from listening. More...

The Next Level  

The Next Level

By Tobore Ovuorie

From sex work to criminal underworld to slavery to murder. More...

Living Nightmare  

Living Nightmare

By Evelyn Groenink

Tobore Ovuorie speaks about her investigative journey and the need to know. More...

Operation Rescue in Benin: Reeceā€™s Story  

Operation Rescue in Benin

By Reece Adanwenon

I have been warned: "please, you mustn't trust any authorities". So it's up to me to get Tobore to safety. Reece Adanwenon's story. More...


ZAM Report

The Desert Option

By Emmanuel Mayah

ZAM Essay

Joan of Arc and the Child Soldiers of Bangui

By Evelyn Groenink


Mandela Landscape

By Anton Corbijn & Berend Strik

Mandela Landscape
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» Exclusive: Nigerian undercover reporter busts human traffic network.

» Unpalatable Truths

» The Next Level

» Living Nightmare

» Operation Rescue in Benin

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Binyavanga Wainaina out of the closet+++ FBI tries to get back into favour with Kenya after "Westgate" police report+++ Julius Malema's neighbours have everything they need+++ Treatment Action Campaign publishes proof of 'Pharmagate' plan+++
Uncle Tom Uncle Tom
When I read about women who leave their villages and families to go become prostitutes in big towns or even in other countries, I think of Jeannie. More...
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Agriculture benefits where people have more money+++ Ikenna Azuike on emerging economies in the year 2050+++ And on the 'first Western journalist to enter South Sudan'+++ What Africa might look like if it would never have been colonised+++
Tweets Tweets
@tejucole: My dear @BinyavangaW writes a piece that springs open the prison doors of the heart.

@RosebellK: Sometimes,it's easier to climb up in #Africa with false hair and a touch of bleached skin."- great demand for fakeness

@Nataabalo: How about the economics of it all? Weaving has provided jobs to thousands of women in Africa :)
The Contrarian The Contrarian
Fighting human traffic through stricter border controls and criminalisation of sex work is nonsense, says Europarliamentarian Judith Sargentini. More...
Quotes Quotes
"They still believe that the government belongs to the white people and that it is not their personal business to ensure its progress. Indeed, in several African languages, civil or public service is still literally translated as 'white man's job'."
Researcher Chika Ezeanya- Ezeanya, in her article 'Africans should stop listening to the colonial voices in their heads' (Think Africa Press)
"I am not using strong words; I am using appropriate words. This is genocide."
South African health minister Aaron Motsoaledi commenting on a 'Big Pharma' campaign' to protect patents on medicines in Africa
"It is our held view that the actions of the police, in whatever situation, should not culminate in people losing their lives"
ANC National Working Committee
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