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The ZAM Chronicle

Tuesday - 10th Sept 2013

The ZAM Chronicle

Generation of Change

Images of Power

By Andi O'Rourke

Parisian photograper Laurence Prat thought of the contrast between Zanele Muholi’s rebellious essence and the traditional black maids uniform. Muholi’s work itself is pure power. More...



Noble savage, starving child. More...

Boko Haram  

Somalia: Circumcision 'Light'

By Muno Mohamed Gedi & Nugal Female Journalists Club

"I only had a little cut and it doesn’t bother me". More...

Visible Children  

South Sudan Pioneer: John Penn de Ngong

By Evelyn Groenink

"Some people live like they did hundreds of years ago and they should see some of our petrodollars". More...

Racism Tours Europe  

The Who’s Who at the first ZAM Newsroom

Zanele Muholi addressed Amsterdam audience. More...

Mandela at G8  

Extra ZAM Music Favourite

Papaoutai? Where are you daddy?
Belgium/Rwandan singer Stromae close to 40 million views.

ZAM Report

Congolese Riches: The Predator State

By Eric Mwamba

ZAM Essay

Macbeth in Cameroon - Ambition and fear fuel witchcraft in politics.

By Chief Bisong Etahoben


Mandela Landscape

By Anton Corbijn & Berend Strik

Mandela Landscape
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» Images of Power

» Noble savage, starving child

» Somalia: Circumcision 'Light'

» South Sudan Pioneer: John Penn de Ngong

» The Who’s Who at the first ZAM Newsroom

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Big players in 'aid economy' battle over refugees in Kenya+++ Nigeria to hit 1 billion +++ Battalions of UN women to stop peacekeepers from sexual violence +++
Uncle Tom Uncle Tom
Telling other people what to do is a puzzling business, if you can believe UNICEF reports. More...
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Nigerian Rudolf Okonkwo unveils reality behind the American dream+++ Mole in Mugabe’s party publishes secrets and phonenumbers+++ African nations lobby Washington directly, US style+++ Why women bleach+++
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@subtopes: Africa's Big Brother lives in Beijing--"Is Chinese telecommunications giant Huawei wiring Africa for surveillance?"

@jodyrosen‏: Décor suggestions for Prince George's "African-themed" nursery? Mau Mau Uprising duvet?
The Contrarian The Contrarian
"Girl children will get married, like it or not", says Tobore Mit Ovuorie (Nigeria). More...
Quotes Quotes
"If a white family spends a month in a shack, it’s called 'brave'. If a black family spends a lifetime in a shack, it’s called South Africa."
Zachary Levenson writes in Africa is a Country.
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