Will you make Mandela100 happen?

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Mandela Landscape,  Anton Corbijn en Berend Strik,  ©ZAM Mandela Landscape, Anton Corbijn en Berend Strik, ©ZAM

The 2017 ZAM call for support

We ask you for your support to realise an important and urgent programme of ZAM in 2018: Mandela100. Public meetings, debate, interactive web applications targeting new generations, a special investigative journalism project and the Nelson Mandela Lecture are a few elements of this year-long programme.

Please enable us to move on. Make your donation by iDEAL or PayPal: www.zammagazine.com/donate or send your donation to account NL16 INGB 0003 6551 77. For international payments: swift code INGBNL2A. In the Netherlands, ZAM has a charity status and contributions are tax deductible.

Mandela100 will start with the publication of the interactive web application Apartheid Revisited, mid-January 2018. This will be followed by an event – lectures, exhibition, music – on the 20th of March, organised in collaboration with the International Institute of Social History (IISH). An announcement with all details will be made soon. An infosheet about Mandela100 can be found on our website: www.zammagazine.com/mandela100

ZAM is in full gear. Boosting African investigative journalism with international exposure, advice and assistance. Putting the spotlight on African creatives, opinion makers, activists, and other contrarians who are part of our rapidly increasing network. Initiating collaborations between Africa, Europe and elsewhere. In short: breaking through the divide, crossing boundaries, building solidarity based on the principles of equality and self-determination.

ZAM has the support of many volunteers and free providers. Yet high quality, wide reach and design also have a monetary cost. To increase ZAM’s clout and scope, we depend on you.