Faces & Phases Amsterdam launch

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Many people attended the Amsterdam launch of Zanele Muholi's book Faces and Phases on Tuesday 9 December, a last-minute-ZAM Newsroom organised in five days.

“If you want to make sense, come and make sense here,” was Zanele Muholi’s advice to fellow struggling artists and activists from the African continent at this ZAM Newsroom. The multiple award winning photographer and gay rights activist was referring not just to the city but to ZAM as her ‘home away from home’, where she had gained connections as well as support and recognition. “Many of us battle alone, but if you link in to this network, you’ll find even men that you love. Next to the women of course, but you know that I love women already”, she said amid laughter. Muholi recalled how her ‘visual activism’ had taken off through the ‘Behind the Mask’ organisation, where now ZAM editor in chief Bart Luirink had made a ‘footprint’. Muholi added that her ZAM connections had also been useful in making new networks for herself, leading to work in Malawi, Uganda and Botswana. “I am now also looking up the South Africans who came to the gay games in Amsterdam in 1998. It’s full circle”, she said.

Muholi visited The Netherlands for the Prince Claus Prize Ceremony 2014, a day later on December 10, attended by the Dutch Royal Family and the Minister of Trade & Aid. You can order your copy of the book on the website of publisher Steidl.

Photo impression book launch by Valerie Thomas and Frederico:

 Also check out Zanele's platform inkanyiso.org and read more about her work in Image of Power (Chronicle #2).