Landing a rich sugar daddy has been a way out of poverty for women, and some men, since time immemorial. Very few people have never seen a young woman walking next to, smiling lovingly at, or getting in the car of, a clearly loaded and seemingly unrelated older guy. It is such a cliché precisely because it occurs so often, though the phenomenon is naturally more prevalent in poorer than in more comfortable places. In the Netherlands, most young women nowadays thankfully have many options to secure their future and therefore the ‘sugardaddy’ phenomenon would be relatively rare there. In the Gambia, however, even thirteen-year olds, often edged on by their families, will make doe-eyes and wiggle their hips at rich tourists.

It is sad and the visitor who looks for sexual gratification from such young children should, of course, be jailed. The often-heard protest from such individuals, that the child was ‘willing’ and was ‘looking for it’, is rightly scoffed at; even if the child, out of economic necessity and a lack of other options, was actually selling sex.

When the person who does so, however, is over eighteen, and looking for a sugar daddy of his/her own, then surely that should be their own business? Anna Nicole Smith, tragic though her life was, had the right to marry 90-year old billionaire J. Howard Marshall. Nobody would hold the view that such marriages, or relationships, between consenting adults should be forbidden.

It remains, however, mystifying that so many sugar daddies in this world still delude themselves with regard to the reason why they seem so attractive to poorer and younger people they meet. A former diplomat, white and male and western European, wrote an entire book documenting his exploits with African women. From his own words, he was quite the stud during his time in Kenya.  Wherever he went, lovely females threw themselves on him with abandon.

Well, yay for him, as long as some nieces and nephews of the women in question did get their school fees paid. If everybody ends up happy, where is the harm? We wouldn’t have criticized him, but some other people did, and called him a sexist.

This was too much for another old white male, in this instance a white male journalist, who also works for development aid and writes blogs about his own exploits on the African continent. He came to the rescue of the diplomat, writing, on his blog, that there was really nothing sexist about the man. The case, he said, knowing African women and African families so very well, was that the black ladies are just so damn sexy. They have a live force, a Force Vitale, he said, in French. They move their hips so rhythmically because that is what black women do. They smile at you and bat their eyelids, because that is their culture, which is so very, very sexual.

The journalist/expert/developer reproached those who had called the diplomat a sexist, calling them boring female names and assigning boring white rural villages to them. Take that, Trudel!  Think you can hold a candle to flamingly sexual black Amelie!

It’s fine guys. Yes, they are very sexual. And they really, really love you.