Wednesday 20 August - 2014
  • Chronicle #0

    spring 2013

  • Chronicle #3

    Lagos Photo 2013 - Editorial: Between Westgate and Lampedusa -Food aid becomes food trade in Somalia - Troubleshooter in Nigeria: Solomon Adebayo - Zimbabwean art and Mandela’s spirit at ZAM Newsroom - Atheists rise in Egypt - How the West helped Mugabe win the elections

  • Chronicle #4

    Kalahari Catch-22 - The Black Pete Debate - The Desert Option - Captain Phillips - The Land Grab - Obsessed with Corruption - South Africa: Less than a Mess

  • Chronicle #5

    Undercover inside Human Traffic in Nigeria – The Next Level- Unpalatable Truths – A Living Nightmare – Operation Rescue in Benin- Joan of Arc and the Child Soldiers of Bangui

  • Chronicle #6

    The Ugandan Family-Hunting Season-The End of Eating Everything-Ivory Coast's Invading Hordes-The Making of the Human Traffic Story-Resentment, Elections and Hate Speech-Oscar Pistorius' Black Intruder

  • Chronicle #7

    The Girls behind the Railway Line – Saboteurs of Good Governance – The Beautiful Horizon - Rich Clan, Poor Clan – War on Terror in Kenya - Mémoire Kolwezi – Fighting for State Salaries - The Missing Gold of Cameroon – The Fat White Chicken’s Paradise

  • Chronicle #8

    Africa Exists - Feeling Sorry for Shell - The Rise of the Big Men - Comrade Sunny - The South African World Cup legacy - Safe from Kony, Sick from the Camps - Fixing the Ghanaian State - Selfiedarity - The Strand of Hair that Sold me Out

  • Chronicle #9

What is ZAM?


The first issue of ZAM ('Zuidelijk Afrika') was published in 1997. Print issues were published on a quarterly basis until April 2012. 28 back issues of ZAM can be read at ZAM can be followed online at,,


It's ZAM's ambition to introduce international audiences to contemporary art from Africa and elsewhere. ZAM guides curators, researchers and arts journalists and assists in the realisation of artistic projects. ZAM has the support of visual artists Marlene Dumas, Zanele Muholi, Anton Corbijn, Ruan Hoffmann and Berend Strik. They have kindly donated works to ZAM. More information at Mandela Landscape: Watch the artist talk with Anton Corbijn and Berend Strik Watch Victor Ekpuk's Amsterdam Central, especially made for ZAM in april 2008.


ZAM is available for matchmaking between the appr. 680 members of its network - journalists, photographers, artists, thinkers, publishers and do-ers - and people and institutions interested in co-creation. For more information contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


ZAM regularly organises events for its constituency in The Netherlands. Follow announcements at our


The ZAM Chronicle is published online once a month. This project has the (financial) support of its supporters, subscribers & OxfamNovib.